This is my latest tattoo. A present from my husband for my birthday. The idea came from some yarn I was dyeing for work. This was a color that didn't make the final cut so it went on my arm instead :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A new design!

I have also been busy do some designing. I recently designed this crochet shawlette for work and it seems to be a little popular on Ravelry :) YAY!!! The question I have for myself is this, "Self, why can you design a shawl in crochet but not in knit?". My self has no answer to this other than the math involved in knitting lace scares me. I am trying though and have lots of designs in my head. I need to get them out cuz my head is getting full.

Here's a pic of my design :)

Now, go make one for yourself!! I'm not gonna do it for you :)

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