This is my latest tattoo. A present from my husband for my birthday. The idea came from some yarn I was dyeing for work. This was a color that didn't make the final cut so it went on my arm instead :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bitten by the Crochet Bug!!!

So, the crochet shawl is finished and I love it! And it seems that now I have been bitten by the crochet bug. I am currently working on designing an original crochet shawl :) It's going well and so far no problems.
Summer has been crazy as usual. My middle son, Cory, was on crutches for a while after a 4-wheeler accident in which he messed up his knee. We'll just add this to his LONG list of injuries in his SHORT life. Also he just turned 13!! Yay, one more teenager is just what I need. And growth spurts have hit the family! Cory can no longer wear any of last year's clothes and my daughter, Sami, has hit the same dilemma. So, that means they both get new winter wardrobes and Kyle gets Cory's hand-me-downs. Which he loves, so everybody wins :)

As far as other things going on, I am also working on a new Knit shawl design which I will finish when the crochet shawl is done. I also have a cowl in the works as well, so keep checking back as I will probably post them here for you to enjoy as well.